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(no subject)  
08:27pm 16/08/2010
Please comment to be added :)
                  Just a quick thing to let me know what we have in common, so that I know what to chat to you about!
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The After Party Prologue  
04:27pm 17/07/2010
Basically, I've been in the mood to write something, but lacking ideas. I took a look at the last things I wrote (the last 2 chapters of 'The Drinking Contest') and I realised, not for the first time, that it didn't realise its potential. At all. I rushed those chapters due to fears of letting people down by making them wait any longer, and so they don't read particularly well, and there are so many places I wanted to take it but didn't. I really liked the idea, but not how I executed it. So, I'm rewriting it, changing and expanding the plot to make it more realistic and so that it's something that I actually feel proud of.

So without further ado...


The After Party PrologueCollapse )

Not too much has changed from this chapter because this was the one I was happiest with. Next time, however, the action takes a completely different direction.

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(no subject)  
12:08am 12/05/2010
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(no subject)  
10:10pm 10/05/2010

Update to the situation: I've been doing a bit of research, and apparently 1 in 20 people in the UK will suffer from a seizure in their lifetime, with no long term consequences. That makes me feel better. I also managed to sleep ok, without any flashes, and although I've had a headache for most of today, it's only been a minor irritation.

So anyway, Lost :)

I'm going to be gutted when this program is over!Collapse )
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(no subject)  
05:58pm 09/05/2010
I was going to post about Lost and Doctor Who, but stuff came up so that will wait.

But I'm really quite freaked out right now.

I quite regularly get surges of electrical energy in my brain when I'm dropping off to sleep that cause me to see flashes of light and make my heart race. Kind of like a light bulb is clicking on next to me, in fact, there's normally a clicking sound which I assume is the light next to my bed settling itself down after being switched off. I guess that must be the trigger? I thought this kind of thing was normal, but everyone I tried to explain it to had no idea what I was talking about.

Then today I was napping (I'd been out late 3 nights in a row, so I was exhausted) and it happened again, only it was really prolonged, lasting for maybe a couple of minutes rather than a second as per usual. I was conscious of what was happening, but I couldn't open my eyes and one of my arms was curling in towards me involuntarily.

It scared me so much. I think it was probably a one-off thing brought on by tiredness or something, because I don't have a history of epilepsy or anything in my family. But then again, the flashes have been going on for years. If it happens again, I'll go and see a doctor for sure.

But what if I was just dreaming really vividly? I felt like I was awake, but maybe I wasn't?

All I really want to do is talk to my mum, but this isn't really the kind of thing you can discuss on the phone. And I love my flatmates to bits, but again this isn't something you could discuss with them. I'm not going home until after exams...

Sorry for such a depressing post, but I had to get it off my chest. I should probably document when these things happen, just in case.
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(no subject)  
05:10pm 05/05/2010
And the good times continue. I handed in those essays. They had literally taken me about 2 months or more to write, including the research, so the relief is pretty great. All my essays count for around 75% of my year's grade, and I only have 8 of them, so... I think I'll get quite good grades. The third one wasn't amazing, but as it didn't actually set a question, it was pretty hard (one of those assess the strengths and weaknesses ones, you know).

So I did that early in the morning, then went back to bed for a few hours. Then my friend surprised me with fried pineapple and honey bread, which were so yum it was unbelievable.

We passed our flat inspection in the afternoon, despite it not looking amazingly tidy.

And in the evening, two of my flatmates and I cooked a roast dinner for four of our friends (who provided the dessert). We literally filled two ovens with food, and still didn't have enough room for everything! It was soo good! The strawberry shortcake they made was really really good too.

It's pretty bad how most of my good times revolve around food :D

I really need to do some revision now. Exams are creeping.

But I'm being lured away by the new episode of Lost. Bad times, Lost always wins over revision!
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03:02am 04/05/2010
Ahhhh... awesome bank holiday weekend!

My brother came to stay with me at uni from Friday evening until Sunday morning, so that was fun (although I think he was a bit bemused by the sheer amount of people that came up to us and were all 'You two are really alike :D'.

On the Friday my flatmate and I cooked a big meal for me, him, his girlfriend, my brother and his two brothers, then we had a massive block party for my flatmate's birthday.

Then, on Saturday, we went to watch my uni play a Parisien uni at rugby, and we won.

Sunday was a chillout day, we watched Glee and bummed around. Loved the Madonna episode by the way. Vogue was CLASSIC! And the not!sex montage was really funny.

Today I finished my essays ready to hand in tomorrow, and ended up cleaning the flat as the asshole accommodation people forgot to send us the letter saying our flat inspection was today. They came into our building, my friend managed to persuade them to give us until tomorrow, then we had a cleaning party and now our flat is actually habitable again. This evening 22 of us went out for Chinese because it was my flatmate's actual birthday, then had cocktails at this random place that I've never noticed before.

All in all, a good time! How's life for you?
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Yay politics!  
02:59pm 30/04/2010
So, the last Prime Ministerial debate was at my university last night! Having such a high-profile event here was mega-exciting and a massive honour for us, and the whole campus was chockablock with police, security, snipers and the media for the entire day.

Naturally, I went along to have a nose about, although there wasn't much happening during the day. I think I saw Peter Mandelson having his make up put on ready for a TV interview, and I definitely saw the BBC political editor being filmed! 

The security was ridiculously high; basically everywhere was blocked off, you had to go really weird routes around the campus to get anywhere. My friend even got stopped on his way back from the supermarket for possession of eggs, just in case he was planning to assault someone with them! He had the last laugh, though, when they saw the rest of his shopping and then realised he wasn't even English, so he wouldn't be eligible to vote or be invested enough to do anything anyway!

In the evening, we went down to the bar to watch the debate on the big screen. I've watched all of them now, and I think this was the best one as they actually debated, rather than made one-off statements. I wish Brown came off a bit better, he did tend to repeat himself which sounded as if he didn't really have an argument, even though what he was saying made the most sense out of all of them.

Just as long as the Tories don't get in, I don't mind a hung parliament between Labour and the Lib Dems. In fact, that's the option I'm rooting for the most, I think. The best of both worlds, as I don't particularly agree with Labour on education issues, but I do on most other things.
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05:44pm 26/01/2010
Ok, I'm gradually catching up with Glee. I've just watched episode 2, and it's only episode 4 on TV, so that's manageable. But, it confuses me. YES, I KNOW. I think it might be UK/US differences though.

I get that the whole idea of the celibacy club is a complete piss-take. But, is the idea of the Glee kids being the lowest of the low some sort of satire too? I want to say it is, because at my school, people who could sing were top of the food chain, popularity-wise. But then again, in England we don't really have cheerleaders, or at least the cheerleading culture that seems to be prevalent in the States. So maybe we've replaced that with musical theatre?

Or am I just being really, really thick??

Kurt is my new favourite character (yes! I've learnt a name!). His bitchy gayness is actually hilarious, along with his resignation to how others will relate to him. It's good to see that a very very camp character doesn't necessarily have to angst. Although I'm sure that'll come later.

WHY are the two main characters soo annoying? I literally could not care less about what happens to Rachel and Jerkface McJock, or Teacher Guy, Bitchy No-Baby and the Gorm's love triangle. The supporting characters are so much more interesting.

But I LOVED Teacher Guy's rapping. A++. I could so imagine some of my old teachers doing that for a laugh. BUT HE WAS DEADLY SERIOUS XD
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Digimon Doujinshi - Cuteness AND Weirdness!  
03:41pm 13/01/2010
As I am supposed to be writing my many essays due in for Monday and I am avoiding the never-ending snowfall outside, I thought I'd share this with you guys :) Also I'm going to watch the first episode of Glee soon so I can squee about it with people! Yay!

So, I recently read a Ken-centric doujinshi (he's one of my 4 favourite Digimon characters, the others being Yamato, Daisuke and Koushirou :D) and there were some flippin' adorable pictures. And some weird ideas of what the human body looks like, but yeah. Squee/laugh with me!

Here is my online version of magazine clippings (now with 100% extra commentary!):

Digimon, oh how I've missed you!Collapse )

I thought I had saved more pics, but apparently not. Hope you enjoyed them! I have now wasted far too much time and must get back to my Aeneid essay. Oh joy. At least I'm going out tonight.

PS I saw Avatar yesterday, and it was AMAZING :)
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