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Yay politics!  
02:59pm 30/04/2010
So, the last Prime Ministerial debate was at my university last night! Having such a high-profile event here was mega-exciting and a massive honour for us, and the whole campus was chockablock with police, security, snipers and the media for the entire day.

Naturally, I went along to have a nose about, although there wasn't much happening during the day. I think I saw Peter Mandelson having his make up put on ready for a TV interview, and I definitely saw the BBC political editor being filmed! 

The security was ridiculously high; basically everywhere was blocked off, you had to go really weird routes around the campus to get anywhere. My friend even got stopped on his way back from the supermarket for possession of eggs, just in case he was planning to assault someone with them! He had the last laugh, though, when they saw the rest of his shopping and then realised he wasn't even English, so he wouldn't be eligible to vote or be invested enough to do anything anyway!

In the evening, we went down to the bar to watch the debate on the big screen. I've watched all of them now, and I think this was the best one as they actually debated, rather than made one-off statements. I wish Brown came off a bit better, he did tend to repeat himself which sounded as if he didn't really have an argument, even though what he was saying made the most sense out of all of them.

Just as long as the Tories don't get in, I don't mind a hung parliament between Labour and the Lib Dems. In fact, that's the option I'm rooting for the most, I think. The best of both worlds, as I don't particularly agree with Labour on education issues, but I do on most other things.
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