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03:02am 04/05/2010
Ahhhh... awesome bank holiday weekend!

My brother came to stay with me at uni from Friday evening until Sunday morning, so that was fun (although I think he was a bit bemused by the sheer amount of people that came up to us and were all 'You two are really alike :D'.

On the Friday my flatmate and I cooked a big meal for me, him, his girlfriend, my brother and his two brothers, then we had a massive block party for my flatmate's birthday.

Then, on Saturday, we went to watch my uni play a Parisien uni at rugby, and we won.

Sunday was a chillout day, we watched Glee and bummed around. Loved the Madonna episode by the way. Vogue was CLASSIC! And the not!sex montage was really funny.

Today I finished my essays ready to hand in tomorrow, and ended up cleaning the flat as the asshole accommodation people forgot to send us the letter saying our flat inspection was today. They came into our building, my friend managed to persuade them to give us until tomorrow, then we had a cleaning party and now our flat is actually habitable again. This evening 22 of us went out for Chinese because it was my flatmate's actual birthday, then had cocktails at this random place that I've never noticed before.

All in all, a good time! How's life for you?
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