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05:10pm 05/05/2010
And the good times continue. I handed in those essays. They had literally taken me about 2 months or more to write, including the research, so the relief is pretty great. All my essays count for around 75% of my year's grade, and I only have 8 of them, so... I think I'll get quite good grades. The third one wasn't amazing, but as it didn't actually set a question, it was pretty hard (one of those assess the strengths and weaknesses ones, you know).

So I did that early in the morning, then went back to bed for a few hours. Then my friend surprised me with fried pineapple and honey bread, which were so yum it was unbelievable.

We passed our flat inspection in the afternoon, despite it not looking amazingly tidy.

And in the evening, two of my flatmates and I cooked a roast dinner for four of our friends (who provided the dessert). We literally filled two ovens with food, and still didn't have enough room for everything! It was soo good! The strawberry shortcake they made was really really good too.

It's pretty bad how most of my good times revolve around food :D

I really need to do some revision now. Exams are creeping.

But I'm being lured away by the new episode of Lost. Bad times, Lost always wins over revision!
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music: The Theme to Somewhere in Time
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Have fun getting lost...  
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