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(no subject)  
05:10pm 05/05/2010
And the good times continue. I handed in those essays. They had literally taken me about 2 months or more to write, including the research, so the relief is pretty great. All my essays count for around 75% of my year's grade, and I only have 8 of them, so... I think I'll get quite good grades. The third one wasn't amazing, but as it didn't actually set a question, it was pretty hard (one of those assess the strengths and weaknesses ones, you know).

So I did that early in the morning, then went back to bed for a few hours. Then my friend surprised me with fried pineapple and honey bread, which were so yum it was unbelievable.

We passed our flat inspection in the afternoon, despite it not looking amazingly tidy.

And in the evening, two of my flatmates and I cooked a roast dinner for four of our friends (who provided the dessert). We literally filled two ovens with food, and still didn't have enough room for everything! It was soo good! The strawberry shortcake they made was really really good too.

It's pretty bad how most of my good times revolve around food :D

I really need to do some revision now. Exams are creeping.

But I'm being lured away by the new episode of Lost. Bad times, Lost always wins over revision!
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03:02am 04/05/2010
Ahhhh... awesome bank holiday weekend!

My brother came to stay with me at uni from Friday evening until Sunday morning, so that was fun (although I think he was a bit bemused by the sheer amount of people that came up to us and were all 'You two are really alike :D'.

On the Friday my flatmate and I cooked a big meal for me, him, his girlfriend, my brother and his two brothers, then we had a massive block party for my flatmate's birthday.

Then, on Saturday, we went to watch my uni play a Parisien uni at rugby, and we won.

Sunday was a chillout day, we watched Glee and bummed around. Loved the Madonna episode by the way. Vogue was CLASSIC! And the not!sex montage was really funny.

Today I finished my essays ready to hand in tomorrow, and ended up cleaning the flat as the asshole accommodation people forgot to send us the letter saying our flat inspection was today. They came into our building, my friend managed to persuade them to give us until tomorrow, then we had a cleaning party and now our flat is actually habitable again. This evening 22 of us went out for Chinese because it was my flatmate's actual birthday, then had cocktails at this random place that I've never noticed before.

All in all, a good time! How's life for you?
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Little Miss Popular (psssh)  
08:51pm 06/11/2009
I really wish I could be in multiple places at once. ALL my groups of friends have decided to do something different on the same weekend and invite me... argh!

1) My best friend from London is coming up to visit me (this is definite, as she's already booked the train tickets). She's coming to see the sights and the nightlife and meet my uni friends


2) Half of my uni friends are going on a trip to Amsterdam. A different one from the one I mentioned before. (not so up for this anyway, as most of them are just going to get stoned)

3) The other half of my uni friends are planning a road trip to somewhere else (would be quite tempted by this, if not for my besty visiting)

4) My Christian union friends are going on a weekend away together, which sounds like so much fun (desperate to go to this, but can't. Will happen again next year, though)

Why??? It's going to be soo quiet that weekend, and I wanted us all to hang out together! Ah well. I guess there'll be other times, but still.

In other news, I went to see Up! the other day. Soo funny, and cute, and sad - all I want in a film! Seriously recommend going to see it if you haven't. Pixar is back on form, roll on Toy Story 3!
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(no subject)  
04:26pm 03/11/2009
Aww. Some of my flatmates just came into my room to save me from working by feeding me angel delight and mars bars. Mmmmmm...
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Writer's Block: Who will you be?  
04:56pm 30/10/2009
What are you going to be for Halloween this year? Are you going to wear coordinating costumes with a friend or partner? Did you buy something pre-fab or make it yourself?

I don't normally do much for Halloween (England isn't really big on it) but as I'm at uni and we're having a MASSIVE block party on the landing between my flat and the flat opposite us, me and my flatmates are dressing up! My friend and I are going as stereotypical geeks - you know, big, back-combed hair in bunches, big round glasses, clashing colours, knee-high socks, calculators, the lot. It's gonna be awesome, and it's the cheapest costume ever, you just have to raid a charity shop and pick up awful clothes for like 10p each :D I wish I could get hold of a lab coat, though.

Basically it's going to involve a lot of alcohol, as does most of our social gatherings. Can't wait, cos we have a week off of lectures next week as well (reading week) so it doesn't matter about getting my work done straight away.

Maybe pictures will get posted. Who knows. I'm always a bit wary of posting my pic on the internet, in fact, I've never done it before. But if our costumes are good, I might not be able to resist!
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(no subject)  
11:01pm 11/10/2009

Apologies for the disappearence - I've been pretty ill for the past few days, so most of the time I wasn't in lectures/doing uni work/doing chores I was sleeping to try and get myself well. And it worked! :D

So yeah, life is trundling on as usual, not much to report. Except I'm really proud of myself, because I cooked and entire roast dinner for 5 by myself for all my flatmates, and I'd never done it before. It was yum, and now I'm so full and sleepy I don't want to work!

Excitingly, me and my flatmates and other uni friends are planning a trip to Amsterdam in December, partly to see off one of our flatmates whose sadly moving back to the States, and partly just to sightsee (and for some of my friends to get stoned, but I'm not into that at all). I've never been to the Netherlands though, even though it's just across the channel from me, so it's another country to put on my list of places I've been :)

Also, late to the party though it is: FRANKIE BOYLE IS LEAVING MOCK THE WEEK??? Why??? I found out whenever ago but I forgot to post about it. I... can't really imagine it without him, tbh. He kind of 'is' MTW, and it'll just be too tame without him. And who will do accents that all sound the same now?

This, coupled with the fact that the BBC has quietly cancelled Dead Ringers, without even showing the new season that they filmed and have advertised, makes me very sad indeed.

It is a grave time for British satirical comedy.
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Procrastination, that's the way we feel  
07:52pm 01/10/2009

Ahh. Still loving university. I've made firm friends very quickly, and I'm so happy. I met a fellow anime geek today (seriously, we're like the same person in all our tastes - films, books, clothes) which is cool. I've never had a RL friend into anime. We might go to the Expo in London together at some point :)

My flat is mega-shitty though. Pretty much all our appliances are broken; we're 2 weeks in and have complained about 5 times each (there's 5 of us) and still nothing is being done. Oh sure, they've come and looked at them a few times (then taken them off the complaints list, wtf?), but no closer to actually being able to cook in our flat, or shower, or anything. Luckily we've got friends in other flats so we haven't starved/stunk the place out.

I've started at orchestra now as well, which isn't students-only, so I've made more adult friends. Orchestra was haaard though, I haven't played in a couple of years so I was really rusty! With a bit of practice I should be alright, hopefully.

Last, exciting thing. There's a guy who looks like ROBERT PATTINSON on my course!!! I don't fancy RPattz, but it still amuses me in lectures :D
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08:16pm 24/09/2009
So so so tired. But having the time of my life.

Tonight's the 6th night in a row that I'm going out (gotta use all my free tickets for the clubs!) and I haven't made it to bed before 3 since I got here. Somewhat deaded.

Everyone in my entire building is awesome, there's 9 flats of 5 people and we just live in each others' flats all the time. Most of my friends are guys though (what does that say about me? lol tomboy). And loads are exchange students, which is great. Loads of Americans, Germans, Frenchies, Colombians, a Bulgarian, a Spaniard... the list goes on. My flat's the party flat!

I'm loving being independent, buying and cooking for myself only, what I want to eat, when I want. I've had a few inductiony things but most of it's just socialising :DD

Will write a more coherent entry when I've had more than 4 hours' sleep!
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Please, no more packing!  
05:21pm 18/09/2009
Just a quick note - I'm off to university in the morning so I have spent the last million years packing up my life into suitcases and boxes. I'm not sure what the internet will be like where I am, so sorry if it seems like I'm ignoring you, I'm honestly not!

Hopefully should be back soon :D
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(no subject)  
10:06pm 08/09/2009
I'm now officially all set for university! I have acquired all the things I need, found a choir and and an orchestra to join and picked my extra module. I picked Advanced French I&II, which should be pitched about my ability, maybe a bit below, who knows.

I just want to go now, I'm so bored stuck at home. All my friends are on holiday or working, so I have hardly anyone to hang with during the day :( Hence the extra posting.

Going out for a big one at the weekend though, at least there's that to look forward to.
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